This project is a collaboration between Red Retina Photography and Mona Kastell costume design.This project sygnifies the element of water and the season of spring through the feminine spirit of the female figure. Some care was given in design to develop and further the project through the seasons to encompass all elements.

In greek mythology the spirit of the sea and the mythical creatures of the island Anthemoessa are known as Sirens. The title is a playful take on such beliefs of oldern times when sailors were lured and moored to the island with the song of the Siren which subsequently led to thier downfall and ravaging by such creatures.

Prints available please use the contact section of this website for a request.

  • 64gb 1639
  • 64gb 1121
  • 64gb 1131
  • 64gb 1554
  • 64gb 1558
  • 64gb 1197
  • 64gb 1271-Recovered
  • 64gb 1290
  • 64gb 1333
  • 64gb 1094
  • 64gb 1243
  • 64gb 1218
  • 64gb 1217
  • 64gb 1584